What You Need To Do When Twitter Account Suspended

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twitterThe more twitter accounts suspended (suspended), makes us have to know what we need to do. Call it a sudden we can not get into twitter account, and notified our account was in trouble so that the closing Twitter, then what should we do?

1. Stay Calm
Sometimes we do not understand the true rules into effect, until we are complacent and considered against the rules. For that if the account suspended, do not immediately surprised, continue to:

Twitter Block

2. Send ticket
Ticket here is the provision of news through the official site for sending messages. Usually we can find the address when we meet our twitter page suspended. Or it could be the ticket to tell here.
Remember, when writing a message, no need to write the sentence harsh and blaming Twitter, simply by (eg) “Dear Twitter, I Noticed my account @username susoended got …”

3. Create a Twitter account if necessary
For example to tell a friend or other relation to the presence of your twitter account is suspended so that they do not loose communication.

4. Wait up to 24 hours
Twitter will respond to incoming messages within 24 hours.

5. Reply in the email messages
Usually twitter will send messages via email, please respond immediately. Much needed when we are waiting for news of our accounts are problematic.

6. Send a message to @Ginger
Use the other accounts that have been made, ask him if your account violates problematic (TOS).

7. Send a message to @Delbius
This is when Ginger did not answer your message.

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