Be careful most dangerous cell phone applications

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Application that was originally intended to increase the functionality of the phone could be a disaster if you do not know. Manufacturers of mobile applications Innova Technologies is the world deals with wireless technology has launched a security application for mobile phones named VMS Protection

Application which was originally intended for symbian 2nd edition is actually an application of sophisticated anti-theft, when your phone is stolen you can track where your phone is, recording the activities carried out thieves, hide all your data be it sms, photos, video your porn , and your contacts, find new contacts added thief even though your mobile telephone SIM card is replaced him many times too. You can also lock the phone when the phone situation is not changed his SIM card sms remote commands. In accordance with the motto of this application “Powerful Mobile Protection”, was very strong, can not uninstall, let alone hard reset manually deleted.

But unfortunately when you yourself are considered “theft” by the application. Maybe someday in the block the SIM card which requires you to change the SIM, and you do not realize that the phone there this VMS application, which occurs automatically reject the system of your new SIM, and mobile phones can not be used again.

Therefore, this application usage suggestions are:

Sim List on the menu, fill it with your backup number more than 3 as a precaution in case the above events did not happen. This menu to filter the numbers would be safe from raids VMS.

Use a password that is easy to remember. More details can be read here manual operation

For those who dare to download the application please download

For Symbian 3rd edition here

For symbian 2nd edition here

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