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A surprise for you who likes to take pictures and preening in front of the camera! Why is that? Now you no longer have to bother with your favorite photo editing using a desktop application that is too complicated. You only need a makeover photo application on your iPhone!

Honestly, I must say that this is a amazing application! Why is that? Yes obviously, you only take a few minutes to beautify your favorite photos and make you like a supermodel!

Photo Makeover is an application since the year 2009 have been released earlier by the company Reallusion, Inc.. iPhone application is intentionally made to beautify the look of your favorite photos.

Photo Makeover can be used for a variety of editing purposes. For example, to add effects Smile on your lips, adding cosmetics on your face, and more. It spelled out a simple application but still powerful!

Photo makeover can help you in doing the editing process so that it looks more interesting photo:

  • Eliminates facial expressions of sadness and cheerful display .. So, no more sad face on your face …:)
  • Can modify various expressions on your face
  • Change the size or appearance as well as beautify your eyes
  • Adjust the size and improve shape of your head
  • Subject to change your head becomes smaller or even larger. Wow!
  • Make a face on your photos look more beautiful and attractive.

You still have doubts? Take a look at some of the features provided by a photo makeover this:

1. Control easily with just a few touches!
Here is a touch point movement of your fingers on top of your iPhone display. You can do various things such as Move, Rotate and Improving the image size. In addition you can also manipulate photos using dragging features, Pinching, Spreading and Rotating your iPhone screen using only two fingers. Wow! How easy to make photos more interesting pet, right?
2. Template to Supermodel
You definitely want the best for yourself. Photo Makeover will give it to you. Only by doing the Single Click you will get a perfect result and transform your ordinary photos into extraordinary! In part this template, the application will detect which parts that need to be repaired and will soon be made into a more perfect!

3. Pro appropriate edit photos with just one touch!

  • Beauty: Make your face look younger, slimmer look more proportionate and
  • Atractive: Make your face look more sexy, charming and cheerful
  • Naughty: Displays expressions happy, angry, tired and even drowsy.
  • Crazy: Creating Your face looks strangely like an alien. I think you’ll like this. Since it is not going to look hideous sufficient, but attract attention!
  • Animal: Make your face look like cute animals such as pandas, koalas and others. Surely you also funny faces as they are not?

4. Adjust color levels automatically!
You do not have to bother anymore in doing color intensity level settings. Because a photo makeover will do it automatically, which certainly will make your favorite photos into nicer. :)
5. Detection of facial features automatically!
So you will not need to do a selection on the part of your face for a photo makeover already detect your facial features and you can also edit manually or automatically!
6. Import / Export Images
In addition you can insert your favorite photo into a photo makeover this and edit it, you can also save the results into your favorite iPhone.

Quite interesting is not? I think this application is an application fee that is cheap! Only with the $ 0.99 you can get applications Wow! this. Obviously! Only with an application, you’ve got all kinds you need to manipulate your favorite photo ..!

Wait what? Order now! Photo Makeover [iTunes Link, $ 0.99]

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