MiniPain application to edit photos on the blackberry

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Unlike the iPhone, Blackberry applications are not much fun.

Maybe just because the Blackberry is more focused on office workers prefer so developers create applications and utilities Uncategorized productive.

Well, this little treat MiniPaint presence of you who want an entertaining applications.

MiniPaint is an application that allows Blackberry users to edit images with a choice of clipart. Options clipart quite diverse. And of course you can play these clipart images shots with a camera into the image funny or unique.

This clipart cartoon picture looks like the colorful and unique knick-knacks and supporters.

Additionally, MiniPaint also provides integrated direct capture with the camera phone.

Result images will be stored DaLA JPEG format of at least 320×240 pixels and a maximum of 1600×1200 pixels.

First MiniPaint Bbpaint but comes with a nickname for the Blackberry collided with the policy of the name was changed to MiniPaint Bbpaint.
Although still in beta, but some has gone through several improvements.
Even now available for the type of the Storm.

This beta version will be provided free and commercial versions will be displayed in the Blackberry Apps World.

Details ———-
Developer: BB4 Software
Genre: Multimedia
Version: 1.0 (beta)
Platform: Blackberry
Site: (OTA downloads)

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