Tutorial to hack Nokia 5800 v50

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Finally, I could write a tutorial to hack nokia 5800 v50 (firmware 50). After the later-day by the tube that the tube had to hack his favorite. Nokia 5800 hack tutorial is my take of the easiest ways. Why easy? because we only need to copy-paste, not any steps for editing files also rofs ros2 or three (the file was already in the edit, so stay use only). I myself have actually long enough to hack my nokia 5800. And I get the advantage than when it has not been hacked. What are its advantages?.

Okay .. before I discuss further, you must be wondering, why the hack nokia 5800? 5800 hacked with what the pros who do not? continue, whether there are side effects? third of these questions, I will try to answer it in one answer.

Why the Nokia 5800 in the hack?

The reason is actually simple, because it wanted the tube can install a variety of applications (Signed / unsigned). You’ve probably already downloaded the application is good, keep fit will be installed, error messages appear certificate or certificate expirate? Now, with his hack on the tube, I guarantee there are no more messages like that. Great is not it? :) Certainly.

Hacked 5800 Pros:

1. Can install a variety of application (signed / unsigned)
2. Tube must be more okay
3. Make your friends jealous, (assuming it has not been our friend hp hack) :)
4. And much more.


Memory increasingly narrow (when all the applications installed)

Already know the benefits and why should the hack? then we continue with this tutorial.

To hack 5800, we need the seven kinds of files. Two files named rofs2 and rofs3 them. To hack tube, we must edit the file and rofs rofs2 3 with nokia editor. Because I promised here is the easiest way, so you do not need to edit the second file. You only need to download it (because it was in the edit). Simple right?

Download rofs2 and rofs3 hacked
The remaining 5 File Downloads

Select a nokia 5800 rm-356 50.0.005 – check – select APAC INDO RED / BLUE / BLACK (select the color you like, but my advice just the same color adjust your tube)

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