Cable TV is becoming obsolete

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TV-CableThe presence of the internet makes television cable television subscribers to re-think to continue to subscribe to cable television.

The survey research firm Strategy Analytics Inc., revealing, as much as 13 percent of cable television subscribers in the United States (U.S.) plans to suspend the cable television subscriptions in 2011.

“Consumers are starting to leave because the television cable Internet can improve picture quality significantly. One of the most popular examples is Apple Inc. Apple TV production,” said Director of Strategy Analytics Digital Consumer Practice Inc. Ben Piper.

Separately, research firm ABI (Allied Business Intelligence) reveal Research Inc., the global revenues paid television service in the second quarter (April to June) in 2010 increased by 9 percent per year to USD58 billion. ABI Research explains, most revenue comes from cable television service, which controls 52 per cent share of pay TV in the global market. The second largest share, or about USD24 billion, ABI Research added, controlled by satellite television service.

Like cable television service, ABI Research confirms, global revenues satellite television service in the second quarter 2010 growth rate was stable at around 12 percent per year.

“This growth was driven population increase customers while increasing average income per customer,” said ABI Research Inc. Research Associate Khin Sandi Lynn. Of the three main varieties in the world of pay TV services, namely cable television, satellite television, and IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), aka Internet Television Service, which won the highest growth is IPTV.

ABI Research explains, IPTV is digital television broadcasts that are served to consumers through high-speed Internet network. ABI Research found that in the end of the second quarter of 2010 the number of pay TV subscribers in the world reached 688 million people. ABI Research estimates that, while pay TV services are generally only able to achieve an average annual growth of 5.7 percent starting in 2010 until 2015, IPTV could reach 20 percent growth.

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