‘Smart Pain’ new threat of mobile phone users

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Smart-PainMobile phones become the communication tool most people in this hemisphere. Almost every day the phone is always in the hands of the user.

Evolving technology also makes the phone more varied activities. Formerly used only for mobile phone conversations or send SMS. But with his presence, smart phones are used to surf in the virtual world, play games, blogging or chatting.

The high activity in this cell phone makes a number of people affected by the syndrome threatened ‘Smart pain’. This is a disease caused due to frequent cell phone users play. The effect, mobile users often feel pain in my wrists, fingers and even the head.

A businessman from Singapore, Lee Kyung-joon has recently revealed that his arm felt great pain because too often playing with his new gadget, the iPhone.

“At first I only used to ache, but after consultation with a physician, I find that a long period of cell phone use to put pressure on my wrist,” said Kyung-joon as reported DigitalOne, Wednesday (09/22/2010).

Many doctors often receive complaints similar to those experienced by Kyung-joon. Most symptoms begin smart phone users in stages, such as itching, or numbness in the palm of the hand and fingers, especially thumb and middle finger.

Doctors recommend that, if users feel numbness or swelling of the hands means they must stop using the phone and make hands relaxed by soaking in warm water for five to ten minutes.

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