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Strategy-LocationIn marketing strategy, the selection of strategic business location that became one of the factors that influence the marketing success of a business. The more strategic business location that is selected, the higher the level of sales and influence the success of a business. Vice versa, if the selected business locations are not strategic then the sales were not going too good.

For it before you start a business, first select the most appropriate place of business for marketing your business. Do your research and compare several options before you determine the most strategic location for your business. Here are some factors you should consider, as a material consideration to choose the location of the business strategy.

1. Population density around the site

Try to choose the location of the business which has a population density is quite high. The higher the population density in some locations, the greater the market potential of a business. Try and compare the operating revenues, which are located in rural areas with businesses located in urban areas, turnover obtained will be very much different.

2. Great income communities around the site

Great income communities around the location is also able to influence the business you want to wake up. Because, of income levels will also affect consumer purchasing power. If you want to run a business with products that cost a little high, you should select the location of its purchasing power is high (eg in cities – big cities). Meanwhile, if you want to offer products with a relatively cheap price, do not be a problem if you choose a business location which is less purchasing power for their communities. Because consumers are more interested in the cheaper price, than pay attention to the quality of the products sold.

3. Taking into account the level of the crowd passing vehicle

Note the vehicle or pedestrian traffic passing by, as this also affects the type of business that fits in the elapsed areas. For the areas through which pedestrians, businesses operating a grocery store or a cold drink suitable to be built in the area. As for the location of many vehicles passed by, could try that more effort is needed workshop. Customize your type of business with customers passing in that location.

4. The number of businesses that support the site

More and more businesses around the location, then the consumers who come to the site is also increasingly crowded. Because at that location there are many businesses that provide different products, so consumers are more interested in coming to a location where there are various kinds of business. For example, the location of the market, or mall is always crowded with visitors.

5. Match funding with business location to be selected

Usually the location of existing businesses in the crowd like a mall, or on the roadside is strategically the rent is more expensive than the less strategic business location. For that match the funds you have, with the selected business location. Do not choose a location that the rent is expensive, but apparently not many visitors.

6. Select the location of the business that low-level competition

If the location is already a lot of effort that is similar to your business, this location should be avoided. But if you believe as a very strategic position, you must be ready to compete by creating new innovations that can differentiate your business with other similar businesses.

7. Note also the access to the business location

Try to select a location easily accessed by consumers. If possible, select a location through which the public transport business. For consumers who do not have a personal vehicle is also able to reach the location of your business.

8. The level of security support

A secure business location also adds to the convenience of consumers. They will not hesitate to leave their vehicles in the parking lot, and can enjoying service your business with feel comfortable. With a safe environment, you can reduce the risk of theft or vandalism that could occur in business in less secure locations.

9. And that to-9 is, pay attention to hygiene business location

Consumers will not visit a store, shop or an outlet that is dirty or seedy neighborhood. They will feel free to buy your product. For that you keep the environment clean, so that consumers feel comfortable visiting your business location.


Before opening a business should you need to know whether the building is leased or you started all permissions are in order, such as permission on environmental impact assessment (EIA), building permits (IMB), and permission from disturbance (HO). To avoid unexpected incident, which would adversely affect the business you run. Number of events that destroyed a place of business just because they do not have permission, can be an important lesson for those who are looking for business location.

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