Former Google employees created Disconnect

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Former Google engineers make a callout, a eksten browser to Google Chrome and Rockmelt a variety of data traffic can disable third-party developers when you’re browsing.

After getting 50 thousand users within two weeks and was ranked the top 10 Google Chrome extensions, one technician creators, Brian Kennish, left his job at Google to build Disconnect,. Disconnect the working system similar to facebook Disconnect, ie a browser eksten that allow users to move facebook Connect functionality of the website. Thus quoted from TechCrunch.

Disconnect prevent third-party developers such as Digg, Facebook, Google, Twitter and Yahoo to compile information (cookies) on a page that is crawled by the user and the search history that has been done.

“I quit from Google three weeks ago. With this I can help Internet users to better understand the data that they accidentally share, also to make it easier for users to control data. I connected the callout with Web 2.1, a patch privacy to the website, “said Kennish.

Internet users are increasingly afraid to use their search and browsing data. It is expected that more would be Web 2.1 offerings such as Disconnect. Eksten browser is easier to use than conventional ad blocker, also did not interfere with the functionality of the web.

Examples of this callout service, users can still access the Gmail service while the search data can not be detected. Disconnect also allow users to view the requests that are blocked, as well as easily unblock the services of a user’s browser toolbar.

Until now, Brian Kennish Disconnect currently working for Firefox and Safari.

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