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sms blocker


SMS Blocker is an application that was created to to block incoming text messages, especially unsolicited SMS. Many of us feel uncomfortable when you receive an SMS from a new number and no name listed in the message that, or many of our friends who terrorize us with different reasons to use SMS, sensation seeking fun or just a pastime.

Whatever the reason is obviously very disturbing that our activities. Our mobile phone SMS in your inbox filled with spam SMS that has no meaning at all. Now by using SMS Blocker we will be very helpful, when there are incoming SMS that has the intent to terrorize us, we just set up the SMS application of this blocker to block SMS from that number so as not to appear in the Inbox phone. In this way, it is very efficient to block incoming SMS from the number of unwanted, now regardless of the number who would terrorize us with the SMS will not be a problem for us. Interested to try? Please download the application below.

SMS Blocker. Link Download :>>

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