Windows 8, Now It Begins Development

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Windows 8After some success with the release of Windows 7, Microsoft is now re-start a new project is the construction process of generation of Windows 8. In a Russian website, Wzor, said that the company’s Redmond apparently is now busily engaged in the development of the Windows 8 and is now doing assembly reinstall Windows. Wzor itself is a source of information accurately record information from the development process is now being conducted by the giant software company.

Redmond company reportedly is conducting the experiment with Windows 8, which also offers Builds months ago: 7702.0.100126-1751, 7703.0.100127-1845, 7704.0.100128-1900 and 7705.0.100129-1930. To Build 7705.0.100129-1930 himself had compiled on January 29, 2010 then. Microsoft itself has not wanted to confirm or deny the fact that the information presented by Wzor valid.

However, the Redmond company has confirmed that in early 2009, they’ve started to plan the development of Windows 8, and it makes sense to start the actual development process because it is more than half a year after the finalization of Windows 7 was launched. Previous leaks this information reveals that Microsoft is active.

Information and screenshots on 6.1.7700.0.100122-1900 Build for Windows client and server have been published. Windows Vista users already know that 6.1.7700.0.100122-1900 Build replacing RTM development milestone of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

Information leaked by a program manager who worked on the team Windows (Windows Update) shows that Sinofsky was looking for the benefits of Windows concepts for defeating all the 8 generations of Windows ever. Well, we just wait their work.

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