Skyfire 4.0 Browser is ready to present at android marketplace soon

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For users of mobile devices based on Android in particular who want to switch to mobile browser applications that are reliable and intelligent, then it could not hurt if you try it yourself Skyfire mobile browser application. According to information circulating, other devices will soon hit the Google Android operating system was, reportedly with the popularity of Skyfire browser applications made ??by new 4.0 version will also soon be visited Apple’s iPhone-based devices in the not too long anymore.


The developers of these applications claim that they can provide a new order of experience for all Android users anywhere in the year 2011 with the presence of Skyfire is the latest release. In this latest release, users can find the new interface along with other interesting features. There was also a series of other improvements in version 4.0 of Skyfire for this Android. And when available, will the users can immediately download it.

Skyfire Labs According to company records in its official announcement, said that after 2010 the past it has presented the most innovative smartphone applications, now it plans to bring it back with something new in 2011 this. Skyfire mobile browser applications based on Android this red shades has made ??its appearance, model and price of the new powerful features.

Skyfire for Android is already one of the most popular applications included in the Android Marketplace, with more than 2.5 million downloads of the registered since officially released a year ago, precisely in April 2010. The application of this mobile browser has been upgraded in November 2010 that then with social media and integrated capabilities up. With the presence of this latest update would be able to maintain and continue the strong track record of Skyfire in innovation.

According to Skyfire Labs, a new taste of mobile browser applications for the devices supported by Google’s platform is that Skyfire for Android with version 4.0, will soon be introduced officially in the coming weeks.

All existing features will still be accessible for free to 2.5 million beta testers worldwide. And those users will continue to receive updates of the latest innovative Skyfire as an expression of gratitude for the assistance and support in launching the product.

For now, without the presence of an appropriate release date for new browser versions are available, users can try Skyfire 3.0 for Android applications, which can be found on the Android Marketplace here.

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