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Not funny anymore, chat or instant messenger is now a more superior service than SMS or voice. The advantage lies in how these applications freely in determining the amount of text that is not limited by the number of characters and also real time. The cost was much cheaper than using the service “chat” or SMS.


Blackberry Messenger for instance, the latter is the main attraction of buying a Blackberry. Through this feature, users can express anything they want, including the share of voice (voice recorder), photos, video or short. However, the Blackberry Messenger is limited only to users of Blackberry.

Yahoo Messenger (YM) is also one of the most preferred. However, YM require Yahoo! account before use. YM can be done by anyone with any mobile phone, including low-end class.

Almost most of the applications or chat features require access to own its own way. A developer then spawn ideas based mobile phone number as access to conduct text conversations. Developer named WhatsApp This led to the idea which is then called WhatsApp to see that everyone wanted to talk to each other all the text but not prevented by a PIN or user ID.

WhatsApp chat applications quickly accepted by users. Until now it can be downloaded to the iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian (Nokia), or Android. In other words, you are now “talking” with the user’s iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry or Android despite wear.

The way is by typing, then select the platform you use. Currently this application is still free. However, there is likely to be paid amounted to 1.99 U.S. dollars per year.

WhatsApp can do texting each other because of cross-use the same server for all platforms. Although using a single phone number as identity, but if you change your phone number, you are not hard to change it. After doing the reinstall, you can re-register with a new number. Also, if you come into contact with friends or relatives abroad, the costs are not the same as the cross-operator SMS. WhatsApp same as using e-mail or regular chat, the tariff is not soaring.

When the application is activated, it automatically lists in your phone book, which also have activated his WhatsApp, will soon appear. Thus, you do not need to ask for a phone number like using Blackberry Messenger. In addition, your profile picture will appear by itself using photo profiles on the contact list.

So how about the mechanism of payment for this service? Tariffs are tariff data. The amount in accordance with those offered by the service you choose. So it’s not SMS or voice. Of course more affordable.

It appears BlackBerry users will be adding this application if you want to come into contact with users of the Nokia, iPhone, or Android phone if you are like this.

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