Free Download Application, FExplore (full version): File Manager for Nokia Symbian s60v3/s60v5

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FExplore is Nokia Symbian s60v3 applications that were created to manage the files on the phone (file manager), such as deleting files, to copy, rename the file (rename), process the file system and so forth.

In the course of this application is one of several popular and best file manager on the Symbian phones. Remember you with an application? Application popular file manager in nokia s60v2 phones are now also made ??for nokia s60v3 phones. Once the application is competing with FileMan & SeleQ application which is also popular in nokia s60v3 sama2 because it is free / free so that many who use it.

To commemorate the triumph of FExpore application, I try to review this application again in nokia s60v3. While prestige is lost with the application of X-plore artificial Lonely Cat Games, but is still pretty and still be reliable than the phone default file manager.

These applications are free, you can use the full version. Features that are served inside a light on (to keep the backlight lamp remains lit), restart the phone, compress memory and a long list of other features, although not as complete as the X-plore. For those who are curious please download, install and own comment on this application.

Link Download:
– FExplore :>>

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