Google: we feel benefits of a successful iPhone

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There was no denying that the Android with iOS involved a fierce battle in the market. Instead, Google’s Android owners actually like to thank the owner Apple iOS.

The statement itself off from the statement of Google’s Manager for Asia Pacific Daniel Alegre, who said Google include those happy with the success found by iOS. And they do not intend at all to beat the iPhone.

“We do not see Android the iPhone is a competitor. Google has also benefited from the success of the iPhone,”said Alegre, as quoted by PC World.

Added by him, every time the iPhone to achieve success in the arena of mobile phone industry, the number of people looking for information about the iPhone via the Google search engine is increasing.

“Indirectly, the iPhone is also a driving force for Google to continue to develop the Android platform with no matter who becomes number one on the mobile platform market,” he explained.

It is true, no winners if there is no opponent. That’s probably being held by Android and Google now.

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