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Concept Nokia HumanForm, Smartphone beautiful future

Thursday, November 10th 2011. | Gadget


Some of the last time the design concept smartphone craze. If the previous Samsung Galaxy Skin stir with a design that can be bent without damaging image quality, on the occasion of Nokia World 2011 earlier this year, Nokia also briefly presents a similar device through a smartphone prototype flexible display called “kinetic device”.

Breakthrough design concept and even then did not stop here, because this time the creative people at Nokia Research Lab has something even more ambitious than just a device that can be folded, bent or resistant to hammer blows. Like what?



Concept called the Nokia HumanForm This has the overall shape is quite strange and against the current, mostly different from existing mobile phone on the market today. Forget the special screen, a physical button or even a conventional design. Nokia HumanForm designed to change the way of using mobile phones.

All buttons are replaced with onscreen tap and gesture, while the entire device to work as his own appearance. In addition to working with regular tap and gesture, the phone itself can also be bent like a smartphone flexible concepts that have been there before. Want to know what the future performance of these smartphones? You can listen via the following video. But unfortunately this is just a concept without a prototype.

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