Excellence Nokia Windows Phone than other Smartphones

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About 10 months ago Nokia announced plans to start a business smartphone Nokia Windows Phone. At that time the world saw an opportunity to be a unique feature in Nokia Windows phone that sets it apart from other smartphones. When the announcement Lumia 800, and Lumia 710 as the first smartphone Windows Phone from Nokia, that’s when the unique features of the promised Nokia can be seen.

1. Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive

One of the major services mentioned in February 2011 Nokia and when Nokia announced a partnership with Microsoft for Windows Phone Nokia smartphone project is the integration of Nokia Maps to Windows Phone. Neither Nokia nor Microsoft says that Nokia Maps will not only be given in Nokia devices, but also made ??other manufacturers Windows Phone. And it proved when Nokia Nokia World 2011 held in London late last October. Consumers who use both Windows-based mobile phone made ??by HTC, Samsung, LG and other brands will be able to get Nokia Maps for this application can be downloaded in Windows Phone MarketPlace. The coming weeks Nokia will release Nokia Maps in MarketPlace as a free application.



But keep in mind that Nokia Maps for Windows Phone but Nokia will not support offline maps or voice guided navigation. Instead MarketPlace Nokia Maps version of this would have the following features:

  • Local POI details; give details of location, phone numbers, reviews and photos up to 25 locations around where you are.
  • Deep link support; you can pin your goals in the Start screen
  • Map is presented through detailed satellite view 2D and 3D.

Differences that exist in Nokia Maps Nokia smartphones and Windows Phone Windows Phone OEM-made lies in offline maps and Nokia Drive. Nokia Drive is a program base on voice navigation.

2. Nokia Music

Windows Phone experience is believed to be the most fitting used on American soil since the user will get full access to the Microsoft service smua. Outside the U.S., there is a framework of services that can not support Windows Phone so users will experience inconsistent service. Nokia is currently repairing the inconsistencies by providing the service free for all Nokia Music Nokia Windows Phone.

Nokia Music similar to Spotify, Slacker, Rdio and other services that require you to pay $10/month so they can enjoy unlimited music streaming and offline.

3. ESPN Sports Hub

Application/service that looks at the Nokia Third World is ESPN hub. Nokia does not provide detailed information about the ESPN Sports hub but from what is shown in the keynote can be seen on ESPN Sports does not have many differences with ESPN and ScoreCenter application for phones based Windows Phone OS.



  • Conclusion

The existence of the Nokia Maps service and music are strong reasons why you should get a Nokia Lumia 800, Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 710 or the other will soon follow its release. Also confirmed Nokia Windows Phone will have hundreds of other features that make it able to compete with Android and iPhone smartphones.

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