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The latest update of Google TV 2.0

Sunday, November 27th 2011. | Gadget


Google TV is run with the version 2.0 assembly of the Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) and according to reports only 50 developers, who took part in the initial program Fishtank.



Fishtank reference platform contains an Intel CE4100 charged a beta version of Google TV 2.0 and a wireless keyboard. Intel Sodaville SoC, which is part of the reference platform CE4100, is also included to support 3D games and Flash features.

Geek.com noted a feature ‘dual view’ that allows its users to watch TV and use the OS at the same time, and user interface also has the effect of blue light (as in the movie Tron) is similar to Honeycomb tablet version. The developers even hugged each other because the application ‘Live TV’ on Google TV 2.0 – many people want to interact with the TV interface directly, but Google seems to not allow it.



Do with all these developments it is enough to deter Google preparation Apple TV? Let us wait for the development of both parties.

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