Android Smartphone character look sexy in a Manga comic

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If you’re curious how your Android smartphone in human form, it looks like you’ll find the answer. Previously BlueStacks managed to uncover a way Mr.Android of a research report. Apparently the people in Japan also have their own versions.

ASCII Media Works’ Weekly ASCII computer magazine recently revealed the character of Hana no Gakuen Android (Android School of Flower). Noriyuki work Kayama manga series is based off a number of Android smartphone manufacturers.



Android smartphone characters portrayed in this manga with school uniform, complete with a sexy look. The characters are also still include the name of each manufacturer.

Sam Sung-chan (Samsung)
Laura-chan Moto (Motorola)
H.T. Syee-chan (HTC)
Soni Eri-chan (Sony Ericsson)
Elle G-chan (LG)
Sharp-chan (Sharp)
Fujitsu-chan (Fujitsu)
NV-chan Casio (Casio)
Apple-kun (Apple)

Given that producers are not derived from the Japanese, the characters are portrayed as an international student. Meanwhile, Dr. Google acts as their professors.

The magazine also brings the characters from the manga series such as cell phone wallpaper. You can see the characters more detail through the following website. However, unfortunately still not available English translation of the comic.



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