Leaked BlackBerry 10 show New Widgets and Tray Icon

February 17th, 2012 by Tweet Leave a reply »

New-BlackBerryRIM has said that BlackBerry 10 new smartphone will be released in late 2012. The waiting time is not a short time and therefore worth asking why BlackBerry fans, will like what 10 BlackBerry handsets in the future? If you are one person waiting, you may be a little glad that the latest leak of BlackBerry 10 smartphones has emerged.

Crackberry site has a number of leaked image of a BlackBerry smartphone is running BlackBerry OS 10 credible. From these pictures you can see the new design UI elements including an update on the tray icon and widgets. In addition you can look at the new model of the calling screen and video chat button.

Indeed, no one can be sure that this leak is the final form of the BlackBerry 10 or still just a concept. In spite of it all, BlackBerry fans can expect a lot of that at the end of the year BlackBerry will come in the new design that is sure to be able to compete with Android and iOS :)



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