Air Aroma Develop Special Perfume Smell Typical of Apple Products

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Air-Aroma-From-AppleEver thought how wonderful aroma from the moment when you open the cardboard wrapper MacBook Pro? Feelings that might only be understood by any Apple fanboy, and Air Aroma challenged to bring the scent for an art exhibition.

The idea of ??the desire to bring the scent was first coined by a group of artists Greatest Hits from Melbourne, Australia. In order to realize their wishes, they immediately went to the distinctive aroma Air Aroma MacBook Pro that just opened from the cardboard packaging can be used in their art exhibitions to come.

The aroma smells of plastic wrap covering the box, the smell of ink printed on cardboard, the smell of paper and plastic components in the box, and of course aluminum laptop that still smell ‘fresh’ from assembly plants in China.

The process of creating a distinctive aroma is definitely gone through several stages first. The first is a meeting with the client Air Aroma (in this case the Greatest Hits) to understand the concept as well as the desired effect of the perfume. Once both parties understand and agree with each other, the materials for the perfume is then proposed to the supplier.

Given the smell is not very common, Air Aroma eventually should contact their supplier of perfume in the south of France to send some samples of perfume that has a smell of glue, plastic, rubber and paper. Air Aroma designers will then use these samples as the main ingredient to create the perfume in accordance with the wishes of the client. Air Aroma course also uses a new Apple product that has not been cleared for use as the main reference of the perfume in their laboratories.

Once the replication process is complete Apple aroma, Air Aroma MacBook Pro was immediately sent to Australia, complete with a distinctive perfume Apple requests them. Perfume will then be installed in Air Aroma Aroslim diffuser is ready for use in an art exhibition at Melbourne’s Greatest Hits. Unfortunately, this perfume will not be sold widely, because this perfume is just prepared for exhibition purposes Greatest Hits from 20 April to 12 May 2012. Do you also have the desire to develop a perfume with the aroma of a particular product? 😉


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