10 Free Live Wallpaper Attractive for Android Devices

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Live Wallpaper DownloadLive wallpaper has made iPhone users jealous that wallpaper can only decorate the home screen of Android devices since 2009. Currently Google Play Store is filled with live wallpapers, but to get a good one you usually need to pay. Here are 10 interesting live wallpapers are available for free in the Android Store.

But wait, live wallpaper will reduce the battery life of your Android device. Looks like this is not a serious problem because the live wallpaper only uses about 2% battery life. And most users ignore battery life of Android devices for live wallpaper is a shame if missed. Well.. Here are 10 interesting live wallpaper for your Android device.

Live Wallpaper Download

1. Koi free live wallpaper. This is the best visual aquarium that you can get for your Android device. Fish move naturally, the water effects look very real and the touch of your finger will make the fish move freely.

2. Ice Galaxy. Live wallpaper is belong to Galaxy Tetralogy Maxelous. This galaxy has a cool color and can be moved with the friction of your fingers.

3. Galactic Core. This is a space themed wallpapers that you can make a choice. Galactic Core can fly around in circles.

4. Earth HD free edition. As the name suggests, is a live wallpaper featuring images of the earth from space. View of the earth from outer space becomes more attractive with sun light from one side.

5. Holo Grid LWP. This is a wallpaper with a view of abstract color combination of blue and pink. Additional colors are also available in full version.

6. Digital Flux Free LWP. Live wallpaper will turn the home screen with tiles of various colors were throbbing. This is a shadow of the real features, lighting effects but require strong powered smartphone or tablet to run.

7. Rays of light. Live wallpaper features a colorful beams of light from the bottom of the home screen.

8. Season Zen Free. Live wallpaper this one has a graphical display is gorgeous, especially visual displays beautiful cherry blossoms.

9. Mood ICS. Simple and casual, that’s what you want to display this live wallpaper.

10. Alien Shapes Free. Live wallpaper abstract features 3D effects and harmonious color combinations.

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