Why Google Chrome Processes In Task Manager More Than One?

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Google Crome Task ManagerHave you open Task Manager when running Google Chrome browser? If so, then you will find that the process is done by more than one Google Chrome. It may look very strange, but you are only running a single application Google Chrome.

It is different if you open Mozilla Firefox. If you open a fruit Firefox, then you will only see one process application in Firefox. Any case, if you open two applications, then in Task Manager, you will find two Firefox application process.

Then, what resulted in the work process more Chrome compared to Firefox? Before an answer, try to observe the process in Task Manager. There, you will find that the memory of Firefox will be greater when compared to Chrome.

Furthermore, note that you run on Chrome. Notice how many tabs that are currently open. Moreover, observe whether the tab that you open the same page there or not.

After doing the two things mentioned above, then you will be able to infer a bit of work processes Google Chrome. The conclusion is that Google Chrome works in accordance with the tabs open. If the tab you are currently are two tabs open, it would appear the two processes in Task Manager.

But is it that simple? The conclusion is almost true. In Chrome blog, Google explains that his browser is working separately. In this case, the process of rendering each page of the site will be done separately. Not quite up there, any extension or plug-in on Google Chrome will also run a separate process. So, the more extensions you have, the more the process that you run.

By doing this step, when the crash occurred, the matter will not be spread to other site pages. In addition, with this move, Google said that the computer would be more effective. Here is an explanation with a more vivid picture.

Google Chrome Task

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