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Google CantoneseJust graduated from college and companies that have accepted you as a new employee requires that you can quickly master the Cantonese language to facilitate your everyday tasks? To expedite the process, it is proper you follow a crash course. For everyday tasks, Google is now ready to help you with the release of a new application that comes with the keyboard input support Cantonese.

This app brings support for various input, ranging from Pinyin, Cangjie, handwriting input voice also. The fourth input will be supported by the auto-correction feature and its output will be present in the form of simplified and traditional Chinese. You will also be able to combine words in English and Cantonese through this application.

Google previously has released Hindi keyboard application in early 2013, and the success of these releases seem to encourage Google to soon release a similar application with input languages ??non – Latin very large user base in the world. To try it, go ahead and download this app via Google Play Store, free of charge!

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