Facebook To Offer $1 Billion More For Acquisitions Snapchat

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SnapchatAfter Facebook acquired Instagram last year valued at $1 billion, Mark Zuckerberg is now reportedly preparing another big budget to buy mobile messaging services Snapchat. So if Snapchat accept Zuckerberg worth more than $1 billion?

Snapchat is still not generating big profits, even arguably not generate revenue, but the service is growing quite rapidly. Last month, as many as 350 million “snaps” produced, up from 200 million in June. And now, the start- up is trying to raise $200 million from the valuation of $3 billion to $4 billion.

Snapchat story is certainly reminiscent of Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg on Instagram. Facebook buying service photo-sharing social network are growing rapidly last year ‘s $1 billion in stock. According to reports from the Wall Street Journal , Zuckerberg is trying to discuss the acquisition Snapchat approaching $1 billion, but the company’s co -founder, Evan Spiegel rejected the offer.

While Zuckerberg shows Instagram ‘s rapid growth after being acquired as a reason to accept the offer made ??Snapchat Facebook, but Snapchat assume if the company is worth more than that.

Problems that will arise with the acquisition of this Snapchat certainly is a way to monetize the company. As you probably already know, it took a while for Facebook to figure out how to make money from Instagram purchase.

And now Facebook seems to have found the answer, through ads that will be displayed in Instagram. However, there is no guarantee if Facebook will generate profits through Instagram. This might be a consideration Snapchat until Zuckerberg declined the offer.

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