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Holiday Info

Angry Birds Land was Officially Opened in Finland
Finland Sarkanniemi theme park transformed into a garden filled with funny characters Angry Birds. Yes, Angry Birds Land has now been opened in Finland, the first country the opportunity
Sunday, May 6th 2012 | Holiday Info
Tips for planning a vacation to europe
'Blue Continent' does have its own charm for many people of all ages and any culture. Visit historic places such as Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, and The Colosseum
Friday, May 20th 2011 | Holiday Info
7 ways traveler choosing headphones
Before you go on vacation, it's good to bring a tool that can be entertaining. One is the headphones or earphones that serves as the listener, especially music. Here
Friday, May 20th 2011 | Holiday Info
Ancient Roman tomb under a pile of garbage
Police officers near the city of Naples, Italy, found a tomb from the Roman era 2,000 years old buried under a pile of rubbish illegally. Tomb of ostensibly derived from
Wednesday, April 27th 2011 | Holiday Info, News
Ways of taking children on holiday during
Vacationing with children, can be a very pleasant experience. However, if one manages, holiday with kids can be a bad experience. Here, quick tips when taking children to brothels
Wednesday, April 27th 2011 | Holiday Info
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