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Privacy settings from Google Buzz

July 10th, 2011

Not only its users but the author himself, Google, was aware that Google Buzz still has many shortcomings that must be repaired to keep the experience of using this application by the user they are still good.

Google Buzz One of the weaknesses of that is regarded as an advantage for Google is that Google’s automated Buzz did when first application first appeared, for Google this is a breakthrough because we no longer need to bother to follow others who have become contact us at Gmail, but for some people this automated process that actually interfere with, because users are not given full control of setting up early for anyone who wants to follow and Following in anyone, including who can view our Buzz, your relationships, and anyone else who would appear in public profile. » Read more: Privacy settings from Google Buzz

Will come feature to control the ‘noisiness’ on Google Buzz

June 10th, 2011

BuzzzAs well as several developments that occurred after Google Buzz launched, Google says that they are always listening to users, yes, it’s true, Google is listening to users by improving several weaknesses that occurred in the Buzz, but as that was launched by Cnet, that may change and This continuous improvement indicates that Google Buzz was launched too quickly and far from perfect.

Now, new changes in Google’s Buzz will soon return, expected the next few days users have been able to use the new features of this Buzz, the new feature is the control over the email notifications. » Read more: Will come feature to control the ‘noisiness’ on Google Buzz